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Welcome to The Poster Girls!

We are a professional distribution company focusing on the promotion of material for Perth's Entertainment and Arts scene.
We distribute material for many different types of events including theatre and the arts, music gigs, dance performances, festivals, art exhibitions, sporting occasions, charity campaigns and community events.
While much of our distribution focuses on posters, flyers, brochures and postcards, we're also happy to consider the distribution of alternative products such as sample CD's, complimentary tickets and other promotional material that may be relevant to the Perth market.
Posters and flyers:

  • are a low cost, flexible form of marketing
  • are inexpensive compared to other forms of advertising
  • often attract the attention of people not actively seeking entertainment information elsewhere, and 
  • can be strategically placed in a wide variety of locations aimed at your target audience.

While we acknowledge that social media has an increasing role in the promotion of events these days, there often needs to be something to kickstart that online conversation. Posters and flyers can do this really well.
We distribute to a comprehensive range of venues, particularly around the major
cappuccino strips, entertainment areas and shopping centres of Perth and can include university and TAFE campuses when appropriate.
The Poster Girls offer a fast, reliable service which can be tailored to your requirements. We value all our clients and recognise that the needs of each are special and individual.
Our many, regular clients include numerous bands and classical ensembles; a variety of Festivals, large and small; theatre and dance companies; Government organisations and City councils and a large number of musicians, comedians, publicists and promoters throughout Australia and overseas.

With hundreds of exclusive sites across the Perth metro area, why not let us be your partner in promotion ....